14 children have been injured in a knife attack at kindergarten in Chongqing, in south-west China

A 39 Year old woman whose surname was liu has been detained by the police for injuring 14 kids with a knife at a kindergarten in southwest china on Friday morning.

Victim children were in the school ground for morning exercise.

The incident occurred at Yudong New Century Kindergarten in Chongqing’s Banan District.

For emergency treatment child victims were sent to the hospital. Police arrested the suspect at the scene, the motive of the attacker is still unclear.

The motive for the attack is unclear, though some reports on the social media say the woman had a grievance against the government.

Police have denied media reports that two children died, using social media to urge people not to pass on “rumours”.

In a recent years, china has faced a string of unrelated knife attacks in kindergartens and schools.

They have usually been carried out by People who suffered from mental health problems and those who seeking revenge against officials and individuals.

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