Christmas Story

Part 5



In a world of terrorism, recessions, diseases, and poverty, hope is hard to come by these days. Yet the story of Christmas promises just that: hope. The angels declared that with Jesus’ birth “there is peace and a good hope given to the sons of men.” And Paul frequently reminds us in his letters of our glorious hope because of our belief in Jesus. If you’re looking for hope, turn to Jesus and his story!

“Glory to God within the highest realms of heaven! For there’s peace and an honest hope given to the sons of men.”

LUKE 2:14

And this hope isn’t a unsatisfactory fantasy, because we can now experience the endless love of God cascading into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who lives in us!


He is given to United States of America like Associate in Nursing ring is given to a bride, as the first installment of what’s coming! He is our promised hope of a future inheritance for all who have been made alive in Christ. This hope-promise seals us until we have all of redemption’s promises and experience complete freedom—all for the supreme glory and honor of God!


Every time we have a tendency to pray for you our hearts overflow with thanksgiving to hypostasis, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. For we have heard of your devoted lives of faith and the tender love you have for all his holy believers. And from the first time we heard about your conversion until now we faithfully prayed for you, that you would access your destiny through all the treasures of your inheritance stored up in the heavenly realm. For the revelation of the true gospel is as real today as the day you first heard of our glorious hope, now that you have believed in the manifestation of God.


If your religion remains sturdy, even whereas enclosed by life’s difficulties, you’ll still expertise the much blessings of God! True happiness comes as you pass the check with religion, and receive the victorious crown of life secure to each lover of God!

Every gift God freely offers United States of America is sweet and ideal, streaming down from the Father of Lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change. God was delight to give us birth by the truth of his infallible Word so that we would fulfill his chosen destiny for us and become the favorite ones out of all his creation!

JAMES 1:12, 17–18


In the Bible peace isn’t merely the absence of conflict. It’s about wholeness, stability, and things being made right. The story of Christmas promises this kind of peace! Jesus tells us he’s our refreshing oasis, a refuge for the weary. He also gives us his perfect peace, and makes peace between us and God. With Jesus we have no need to worry, because his story promises our story peace!

“So everyone, come to me! Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways in which and you’ll discover that I’m light, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me. For all that I need of you’ll be pleasant and simple up-to-date.”

MATTHEW 11: 28–30

“I leave the gift of peace with you—my peace. Not the sort of fragile peace given by the globe, but my perfect peace. Don’t yield to worry or worry in your hearts—instead, be courageous!”

JOHN 14:27

Our religion in Saviour transfers God’s morality to United States of America and he currently declares United States of America perfect in his eyes. This means we are able to currently relish true and lasting peace with God, all because of what our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, has done for us.


For the Messiah has come back to evangelise this sweet message of peace to you, the ones who were distant, and to those who are near. And now, because we are united to Christ and to each other, we both have equal and direct access in the realm of the Holy Spirit to come before the Father!

EPHESIANS 2:17–1 8

Don’t be force in numerous directions or distressed a couple of issue.

Be saturated in prayer throughout day after day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him each detail of your life, then God’s extraordinary peace that transcends human understanding, can create the answers celebrated to you thru Israelite.



There’s a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is often based on situations, people, and things outside ourselves. Joy is another story: it’s something internal we can possess regardless of external circumstances. Jesus told us the Holy Spirit fills us with this mystery. Paul explained the Holy Spirit produces it within us. We’re also invited to have it—and we can, because it’s one of the promises of Christmas.

For the dominion of God isn’t a matter of rules concerning food and drink, but is in the realm of the Holy Spirit, filled with righteousness, peace, and joy.

ROMANS 14:17

But the fruit created by the Holy Ghost among you is divine love altogether its varied expressions. This love is revealed through Joy that overflows.


Be cheerful with joyous celebration in each season of life. Let joy overflow, for you are united with the Anointed One! Let gentleness be seen in each relationship, for our Lord is ever near.

Don’t be force in several directions or distressed a few factor.

Be saturated in prayer throughout every day, providing your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing feeling. Tell him each detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will make the answers known to you through Jesus Christ.


My fellow believers, once it looks like you’re facing nothing however difficulties see it as a useful chance to expertise all the enjoyment that you just can! For you recognize that once your religion is tested it stirs up power among you to endure all things. And then as your endurance grows even stronger it’ll unharness perfection into each a part of your being till there’s nothing missing and zip lacking.

JAMES 1:2–4


The word love can be rather empty in substance when it gets used for smart phones and our favorite dessert. When God uses this word, he means it deeply—and shows it! The Bible says God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to us as a gift. Amazingly, God loves his followers in the same way he loves his Son. And the promise of Christmas is that nothing can separate us from this love!

“For this is often what quantity God adored the world—he gave his one and solely, distinctive Son as a present. So currently everybody World Health Organization believes in him can ne’er die however expertise everlasting life.

“God failed to send his Son into the globe to guage and condemn the globe, but to be its Savior and rescue it! So currently there’s not any condemnation for people who believe him, however the nonbeliever already lives underneath condemnation as a result of they are doing not believe the name of God’s beloved Son.”

JOHN 3:16–18

“You live absolutely in Maine and currently I live absolutely in them

so that they will experience perfect unity, and the world are convinced that you just have sent me.

For they’re going to see that you just love every one of them

with the same passionate love that you have

for me.”

JOHN 17:23

Who may ever separate America from the endless love of God’s Anointed One? Absolutely no one! For nothing within the universe has the facility to diminish his love toward America. Troubles, pressures, and issues area unit unable to return between America and heaven’s love. What about persecutions, deprivations, dangers, and death threats? No, for they’re all impotent to hinder almighty love, even though it is written: All day long we face death threats for your sake, God.

We are considered to be nothing more

Than sheep to be slaughtered!

ROMANS 8:35–36

If I were fluent in many tongues, even in the tongues of angels, but my heart was not filled with love, then my words are nothing more than irritating noise, like a clanging cymbal. And if I were to have the gift of prophecy and have profound understanding of every mystery, possessing unending supernatural knowledge, and if I had the greatest gift of faith that could move mountains, but have never learned to love others, I am simply nothing. And if I were to be so generous as to give away everything I owned to feed the poor and offer my body to be burned as a martyr, but without the pure motive of love, I gain nothing of value.

Love waits patiently for God’s timing. Love is gentle and shows kindness to all. It refuses to be jealous once blessing involves some other person. Love doesn’t brag concerning one’s achievements nor inflate its own importance. Love doesn’t traffic in shame and disrespect, nor selfishly seek its own honor. Love isn’t simply irritated or fast to require offense. Love finds delight in the truth, and not in what is wrong. There is nothing loyal-love cannot face, for it never loses faith. It never considers failure to be defeat, for it never gives up.

Love never stops loving. It goes beyond the gift of prophecy, which is temporary. It is more enduring than the gift of tongues, which all will one day fall silent. Love remains long once words of information area unit forgotten. Now our knowledge and our prophecies are but partial, but when love’s perfection arrives, the partial will fade away. When I was a child I spoke about childish matters, for I saw things like a child and my thoughts were that of an immature child. But the day came after I matured, and I set aside my childish ways.

For now we see but a faint reflection as in a mirror, but one day we will see face to face. My understanding is incomplete currently, however sooner or later i will be able to perceive everything, even as everything concerning Maine has been absolutely understood. Meanwhile, there are three things, which endure: faith, hope, and love—yet love surpasses them all!



No one wants to admit it, but we all need help. And actually it’s deeper than that: we need to be saved, rescued. The letters of Paul remind us we all need rescue from the unwelcome intruders of sin and death. Thankfully, God has helped US. by saving US. from these powers! Through the facility of Jew and his sacrifice, we are saved from sin and death, released from shame and guilt, and free to serve and worship God.

“He has reclaimed Us. from the ability of our enemies! This fulfills the sacred oath he created with our father Abraham. Now we are able to with boldness worship God with holy lives, living in purity as clergymen in his presence each day!”

LUKE 1:73–75

Jesus continuing , “In a similar approach, there will be a glorious celebration in heaven over the rescue of one lost sinner who repents, comes back home, and returns to the fold—more thus than for all the righteous those who ne’er strayed away.”

LUKE 15:7

What an agonizing situation I am in! So UN agency has the ability to rescue this miserable man from the unwelcome entrant of sin and death? I give all my thanks to God, for his mighty power has finally set me free through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One! So if left to myself, the flesh is aligned with the law of sin, but now my renewed mind is fixed on and submitted to God’s righteous principles.

ROMANS 7:24–25

I pray over you a unleash of the blessings of God’s unmerited kindness and total well-being that flows from our Father and from the Lord Hebrew. He’s the Anointed Messiah UN agency offered his soul because the sacrifice for our sins! He has taken U.S. out of this evil world system and set U.S. free through our salvation, just as God desired.


He has reclaimed U.S. fully from the tyrannical rule of darkness and has translated U.S. into the dominion realm of his beloved Son.


Under the recent covenant the blood of bulls, goats, and therefore the ashes of a moo-cow were wet on people who were defiled and effectively clean them externally from their ceremonial impurities. Yet what quantity a lot of can the sacred blood of the Messiah completely cleanse our consciences! For by the ability of the eternal Spirit he has offered himself to God because the excellent Sacrifice that currently frees U.S. from our dead works to worship and serve the living God.

HEBREWS 9:13–14


All people have drawback|a drag|a haul|a retardant|a tangle} stretching all the approach back to our ancient ancestors: a sin problem that separates us from God. Yet from the beginning God provided a way for those sins to be forgiven—first through animal sacrifices, then through the sacrifice of his own Son. That’s one of the promises of Christmas: our sins cancelled, our ransom paid in full, our sins erased completely. God’s forgiveness is one promise you can trust!

Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said to them, “Why do you argue in your hearts over what I do and think that it is blasphemy for me to say his sins are forgiven? Let Pine Tree State raise you, that is less complicated to prove: once I say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or when I say, ‘Stand up, carry your stretcher, and walk’?” Hebrew turned to the paraplegic man and aforementioned, “To convince you all that I, the Son of Man, have the lawful authority on earth to forgive sins, I say to you now, stand up! Carry your stretcher and endure home, for you are healed.”

LUKE 5:22–24

The terribly next day John saw Hebrew coming back to him to be baptized , and John cried out, “Look! There he is—God’s Lamb! He can exclude the sins of the world!”

JOHN 1:29

Here’s what David says:

“What happy fulfillment is ahead for those

whose rebellion has been forgiven

and whose sins are covered by blood.

What happy progress comes to them

when they hear the Lord speak over them,

‘I will never hold your sins against you!’”

ROMANS 4:7–8

Since we are now joined to Christ, we have been given the treasures of salvation by his blood—the total cancellation of our sins—all because of the cascading riches of his grace.


For in the Son all our sins are cancelled and we have the release of redemption through the ransom price he paid—his very blood.


This “realm of death” describes our former state, for we were held in sin’s grasp. But now, we’ve been resurrected out of that “realm of death” ne’er to come back, for we are forever alive and forgiven of all our sins!

And through the divine authority of his cross, he cancelled out every legal violation we had on our record and the old arrest warrant that stood to indict us. He erased it all—our sins, our stained soul, and our shameful failure to stay his laws—he deleted it all and that they can not be retrieved! Everything we tend to once were in Adam has been placed onto his cross and nailed for good there as a public show of cancellation.



What is that one struggle in your life you can’t seem to shake? Maybe it’s fear, anger, or an addiction. Did you know one of the promises of Christmas is freedom—from fear, anger, and addiction? Jesus came to bring freedom for the brokenhearted; free us from sin and guilt; and set us free from the curse of the law. The next time you celebrate Jesus’ birth, celebrate the gift of regal freedom through the gift of perfect righteousness!

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon American state, and he has anointed American state to be hope for the poor, freedom for the brokenhearted, and new eyes for the blind, and to preach to prisoners, ‘You are set free!’ I actually have come back to share the message of anniversary, for the time of God’s nice acceptance has begun.”

LUKE 4:18–19

“Everyone WHO believes in him is about free from sin and guilt—something the law of Moses had no power to try and do.”

ACTS 13:39

Death once held us in its grip, and by the blunder of one man, death reigned over humanity. But now we are held in the grip of grace and reign as kings in life, enjoying our regal freedom through the gift of perfect righteousness in the one and only Jesus, the Messiah!


And God is happy with you, for within the past you were servants of sin, but now your obedience is heart deep, and your life is being molded by truth through the teaching you are devoted to. And currently you celebrate your freedom from your former master—sin. You’ve left its bondage, and now God’s perfect righteousness holds power over you as his loving servants.

ROMANS 6:17–18

Yet, Messiah, our Anointed Substitute, paid the full price to set us free from the curse of the law. He absorbed it fully as he became a “curse” in our place. For it’s written: “Everyone WHO is decorated upon a tree is doubly cursed.”


But the Scriptures build it clear that since we tend to were all below the ability of sin, we wanted Jesus! And he’s the Savior WHO brings the dominion realm to those that believe.

So until the revelation of faith for salvation was released, the Law was a jailor, holding us as prisoners under lock and key until the “faith,” which was destined to be revealed, would set us free.



It’s hardly we’re celebrated, understood, and accepted for WHO we tend to square measure. Yet the story of Christmas offers every one on the earth such a promise! Amazingly, Jesus himself accepts us by offering us his intimate friendship. In our relationship with him we tend to square measure given full acceptance into the family of God. We are his children, his darlings! If you’ve been sorting out acceptance, communicate the story of Christmas.

“I haven’t referred to as you ‘servants,’ because a master doesn’t confide in his servants, and servants don’t always understand what the master is doing. But I decision you my most intimate friends, for I reveal to you everything that I’ve heard from my Father.”

JOHN 15:15

And you probably did not receive the “spirit of non secular duty,” leading you back into the fear of never being good enough. But you’ve got received the “Spirit of Full Acceptance,” enfolding you into the family of God. And you’ll ne’er feel unparented , for as he rises up inside USA, our spirits join him in saying the words of tender affection, “Beloved Father, Abba!”


Remember the prophecy God gave in Hosea:

“To those who were rejected

and not my folks, I will say to them:

‘You are mine.’

And to those that were disinherited i will be able to say:

‘You are my darling.’”


Now we’re now not living like slaves below the law, but we enjoy being God’s very own sons and daughters! And because we’re his, we can access everything our Father has—for we are one with Jesus the Anointed One!



People pay their whole lives sorting out the which means and purpose of life. What they don’t realize is that it’s been right in front of them the whole time. Christmas offers us the promise of experiencing the meaning of life, because in Christ we are invited to fulfill God’s designed purpose. Through a relationship with Hebrew we tend to discover what God has destined for USA to try and do before we tend to were born. The story of Christmas is wherever you discover WHO you actually are!

So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing what is good into our lives, for we are his lovers WHO are invited to meet his designed purpose.


Before we tend to were even born, he gave USA our destiny; that we’d fulfill the set up of God WHO perpetually accomplishes each purpose and set up in his heart.


Throughout the approaching ages we are going to be the visible show of the infinite, limitless material resource of his grace and kindness, that was showered upon United States of America in Christ. For it absolutely was solely through this glorious grace that we tend to believed in him. Nothing we tend to did might ever earn this salvation, not even our religion, for it absolutely was the gracious gift from God that brought United States of America to Christ! therefore nobody can ever be ready to boast, for salvation isn’t an award permanently works or human pains.

We have become his poetry, a make those that can fulfill the destiny he has given every folks, for we tend to ar joined to prophet, the Anointed One. Even before we tend to were born, God planned prior to our destiny and therefore the smart works we’d do to meet it!


So here’s my dilemma: daily I live suggests that bearing a lot of fruit in my ministry; nevertheless I fierily long to be liberated from this body and joined totally to Christ. that might suit American state fine, however the best advantage to you’d be that I stay alive. therefore you’ll see why I’m torn between the 2.

Yet deep in my heart I’m assured that i’ll be spared therefore I will raise your joy and more strengthen and mature your religion. after I am freed to return to you, my saving can provide you with a reason to boast even a lot of in Christ alone.



Sometimes life is defeating. we tend to fail a crucial check, concede to temptation, or lose a detailed friend. the ultimate promise of Christmas reminds United States of America, though, that through prophet we tend to’ve got the victory! prophet tells United States of America that straight away we sleep in joyous freedom; that God has not condemned United States of America, he’s for us; which at the tip of the age we are going to be rewarded 100 fold. Christmas offers United States of America the victorious life as a present.

Jesus responded, “Listen to the truth: within the age of the restoration of all things, once the Son of Man sits on his superb throne, you UN agency have followed American state can have twelve thrones of your own, and you may govern the twelve tribes of Israel. For anyone UN agency has left behind their home and property, effort family—brothers or sisters, mothers or fathers, or children—for my sake, they’ll be repaid 100 times over and can inherit aliveness.”

MATTHEW 19:28–29

But now, as God’s affectioned servants, you reside in joyous freedom from the ability of sin. therefore take into account the advantages you currently enjoy—you ar brought deeper into the expertise of true quality that ends with eternal life! For sin’s meager wages is death, however God’s lavish gift is animation, found in your union with our Lord prophet, the Anointed One.

ROMANS 6:22–23

If God has determined to face with United States of America, tell me, UN agency then might ever stand against United States of America? For God has well-tried his love by giving us his greatest treasure, the gift of his Son. And since God freely offered him up because the sacrifice for United States of America all, he actually won’t withhold from United States of America anything he should provide.

Who then would dare to accuse those UN agencym God has chosen smitten to be his? God himself is that the decide who has issued his final finding of fact over them—“Not guilty!”

Who then is left to condemn us? under no circumstances prophet, the Anointed One! For he gave his life for United States of America, and even over that, he has conquered death and is currently up, exalted, and enthroned by God at his mitt. therefore however might he presumably condemn United States of America since he’s frequently praying for our triumph?

ROMANS 8:31–34

And since you’ve been united to Christ the Messiah, you’re currently Abraham’s “child” and inherit all the guarantees of the kingdom-realm!


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