Beula Gabriel, a 77 year old Principal who sold her own house to keep her school running so that the young kids would chase their dreams

Meet India’s best school Principal Beula Gabriel, she transforms life of many underprivileged children. Beula Gabriel started St Joseph’s Secondary School in Hyderabad, India in 1993. She Started the school is to provide some quality education to the students for very cheap in price. Beula Gabriel’s dream is fulfilled now as around 300 students from […]

Hero Mathura Cop Carries Pregnant Woman to Hospital After Ambulance Fails to Arrive!

A Pregnant women Bhavna with her husband Mahesh was travelling from Hathras to Faridabad in a train on September 14, 2018. When she started having contractions, Mahesh and Bhavna decided to step off from the train in the next station (Mathura Cantonment Railway Station). Policemen Sonu kumar Rajora was at the Mathura Cantonment Railway Station […]

Meet Rekha Mishra, the cop who single-handedly rescued 434 Kids

Meet Rekha Mishra from Mumbai, India, a RPF officer who rescued 434 children in last one year alone at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station. Most of children she rescued were from 13 to 16 aged groups, most of them were from UP and Bihar districts from India. When we asked Mishra about how you […]

Alcohol kills 260,000 Indians every year: WHO Report

260,000 Indians were lost their lives in road accidents and liver cancer by consuming alcohol every year, WHO says. World Health Organization’s (WHO) released this statistics reports on Friday by underline the link between the alcohol and health problems, promoting health experts to demand a national alcohol control policy in the lines of the tobacco […]

Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s and Nestle are among 250 major brands pledging to cut all plastic waste from their operations – a move described by the UN as the most ambitious effort yet to fight plastic pollution

Last week, the European Parliament has voted for an extensive ban on single use of plastics to fight against the pollution in the world’s ocean. Products including cutlery, straws, plastic plates and cotton buds will all be eradicated from 2021 under the plans. The commitment comes as public pressure mounts on retailers and manufacturers to […]

This 8 year Syrian Girl Walks On Tin Cans as Prosthetic Legs That Her Father Made for Her

To describe this young girl’s plight the word ‘heart breaking ‘will not suffice. An 8 year old Syrian girl walks on a prosthetic legs that her father made from the tin cans. Syrian girl Maya and her Father Mohammad Ali was born without legs due to congenital amputation. They are currently living in the displacement […]

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