Jesus lives and He is working in our lives every day. If you are paying attention, you will have noticed a few things happening around you.
Jesus told us to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. He gave to His believers the Holy Spirit to be our Teacher, Guide, and Comforter until He returns for His Bridegroom, His Holy Church.
Everything we do in this life prepares us for the next life. And everything we do now, as believers, we are told to do in His Name, in His Honor, and for His Glory alone. There is only one Helper Who matters, for the spirit, and that is the Holy Spirit of God. He is with us at all times, Jesus promised us that.
We can share how God helps us, through His love for us, His saving grace through Christ Jesus our LORD. We can post loving verses of Psalms; and verses from Proverbs to teach to the unbelievers; and we can share essential messages from the Gospels and from the Episitles of Paul. We can pray for Christian Forums that is will be a place where honor and praise are worshiped unto God the Father; and a place where scripture and the Holy Word of God is used to teach, and learn up those who want to know God. We can join in with other believers and pray for those who seek God’s lovingkindness or His comfort, wisdom, or salvation. We can pray for other believers that God’s Holy Spirit will strengthen their walk in Christ, and their journey to develop a personal relationship with Jesus is fulfilled.

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