After the church service, everyone’s attention and talk were about the recent violent killings in Iraq, Syria, Libya and some other countries.

Thousands have been discussing the horror of being killed because of their acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Some showed photos from their mobile phone to others.

Everyone felt sorry for the people for a while and went home.

Bryn, who was watching this closely, clearly understood,

The fear of watching the video and the video of the murder was an impassioned people.

No one seemed to have the mindset or attitude to do what they did next.

Bryn said to the crowd, “If you are silent today, wherever you are, do not forget that one day you have to account to God.

Not only that, but what is happening there today and what is certain that it will not happen to us tomorrow?

If I think I am at peace in India,

When you are in the king’s palace, do not think in your heart that you will escape, so that no other Jew may escape.

If you remain silent during this time, the Jewish people will rise up from elsewhere, and you and your father’s family will perish.

We should not forget that Mordecai’s words to Esther also apply to us.

The atrocities committed by extremists on those who have embraced Jesus Christ will not cease when we gather or flag the struggle.

Instead, we should begin to pray in our private prayers and in our congregations with fasting and tears today.

If so, these will definitely stop. This is our duty.”

Those who listened to Brynn speak of him as a curious object.

Brynn moved from there, praying in his mind that Jesus would give them a conscious heart.

Author: Bro. John Sam Raj